The different ways we can help
Support as individual as you are
We want to understand the uniqueness of what makes you, you. We take the time to get to know you and will support you in a friendly, professional, flexible and reliable way. We appreciate it’s a big decision reaching out and asking for some help, particularly allowing ‘strangers’ into your home to do so.

We understand there is often a need to collaborate with family, friends, advocates and other care professionals; we want to be an integral part of your support network.

You may already have an idea in mind of what you would like from us; that’s great! If not, we can help with suggestions:
Alongside more general help, we are also experienced in post-operative care, dementia care, Parkinsons, strokes, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, palliative care and much more. If this is the case, we understand your needs may be greater.

Whatever your circumstance, whether your needs are small or large, short, medium or long-term, we understand that there's truly 'no place like home'.

We’ll develop a bespoke care plan with you, detailing the exact nature of the support you require, and how and when you’d like that help. We want your experience with us to be a positive one. By supporting you in the way that suits you best, we hope we’ll gain your trust, respect and friendship.

Isolation and loneliness are terrible and far too common, leading to health issues. We are committed to combatting loneliness. Let us help you improve the quality of your life. Our friendly Team will help bring back your smile and brighten your day.
  • Companionship; sharing a friendly chat over a cup of tea, or company whilst doing tasks or hobbies; perhaps you enjoy a game of Scrabble?
  • Help to pursue your interests & social activities; would you like us to take you to the garden centre?
  • Helping you keep in touch with family, friends or local groups; we have a great network of clubs/groups and can give you information on local events
  • Are you no longer allowed a pet and miss your faithful friend? Bertie would love to come out and meet you!
  • Above all, some reassurance and friendship
Personal Care
Is it an effort to get washed and dressed these days? Would you like a bath, but don’t feel confident?
  • Assistance to start your day well; help with getting up and getting ready for the day
  • Washing; help with a strip wash, a bath or a shower
  • Hair washing & drying
  • Dressing and personal appearance
  • Help with continence care / toileting
  • Eating
  • Settling in for the evening and preparing for bed
Household Help
Have everyday jobs become a chore? Are you struggling to take care of your home like you used to? Let us take the strain with the mundane and heavy tasks, leaving you to feel proud of your home.
  • Light housework; dusting, vacuuming, kitchen, bathroom
  • General tidying
Help with Shopping and Preparing Food
Not confident to go to the shops like you used to? Struggling with heavy shopping bags? Not inclined / able to cook any more? Let us help you to continue to enjoy the things you love.
  • Shopping; with you, or on your behalf
  • Food preparation and cooking meals; meal planning
Practical Help
They say a problem shared is a problem halved. Sometimes just having someone there to talk to, offer advice, and support is reassuring in itself.
  • Respite service for those looking after a loved one
  • Walking the dog
  • Handling mail and helping with household bills
  • Informal advice on personal affairs, such as ‘Self or Supported Assessment’ forms / funding advice
Health and Medication
As we get older, it can be difficult keeping on top of what medications to take and when. Packets can be difficult to read and fiddly for fingers that aren’t so dextrous now. We can help with:
  • Prompting medication
  • Administration of medication
  • Collection of prescriptions / medication
  • Making appointments for you
  • Accompanying you to appointments
Testimonials from our Clients

Real Clients, real stories

“You must be proud of the staff you have chosen”
  ~ RH
“I can’t thank you enough for your care, kindness and thought”
  ~ VR
“I have been involved with care agencies since 2008 and I cannot believe what your ladies are achieving here. Your ‘angels’ help is exemplary”
  ~ LF