Our Covid-19 response
Supporting through these challenging times
The majority of our Client base have all had the vaccine, as they were included in Cohort One: the highest priority ‘at risk’ group. Our Team were included in Cohort Two and we’re pleased to confirm that the majority of our Team are now vaccinated. Whilst of course the vaccine does not prevent you from catching Covid-19, or stop you transmitting it, it does make symptoms less severe if there is an infection.
Covid Positive Clients
Due to our enhanced safety and protection protocols, we are still able to care for Clients who test positive for Covid-19. In addition to the gloves, masks and aprons we wear on all visits, our Carers would also wear a clear visor, goggles and gown.
Throughout the pandemic, we have ensured that we are following all guidelines from Public Health England. Whilst our Team have always received training in infection control as part of their induction, we are delivering regular updates and follow ups, to ensure that they're aware of the latest protocols as the situation changes.
Hand Washing
Due to the fact that some of our Clients can be in vulnerable groups, our Team have always worked within an enhanced hygiene framework. Regular hand washing is still the most effective way of preventing the spread of infection, and we are focusing on this as a priority. Our Team also carry hand sanitiser (alcohol gel) as a back-up.
Our Team have a PCR Covid-19 test every week. If a Carer tests positive, they are immediately sent home to isolate for 10 days, as per Government guidelines. We then track every Client they have visited with for the five days prior to receiving the result to let them know. Provided there has been no breach in PPE, the Carer is not classed as a ‘contact’. As such, there should be minimal risk to our Clients. Of course, any positive test may be a ‘false positive’.
It is in our nature to always work within a high level of cleanliness, and as you can imagine, this forms a vital part of our training process. However, we are taking extra time to ensure that all surfaces are cleaned, with a enhanced focus and awareness of ‘high touch points' and communal areas.
Testimonials from our Clients

Real Clients, real stories

“I know how difficult things have been recently during this pandemic and you have all worked hard whilst having to think of your own safety”
  ~ ST
“The whole family would like to thank B&B’s for the thoroughly professional and caring way you have helped Mother”
  ~ CG
“I just wanted to send a quick note to you and all the amazing staff, and extend heartfelt thanks for your unstinting professionalism”
  ~ HS